[pmwiki-users] help (php), what sends headers?

SteP step.list+pmwiki at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 01:24:38 CST 2010

All my pages that include a form to send email with cookbook FoxNotify complain about headers being 
already sent out. I do not mean that it's FoxNotify's fault. It's just that that's the only common train in those 
pages. I can't find the root cause. Has anyone had similar experience with FoxNotify? Can anyone suggest 
some smart way to figure out the root cause? I have tried some usual things:
- disable FoxNotify : headers don't get sent out early
- disable other cookbooks (as possible) : headers get sent out early
- check for BOM markers in my files : none in there

I do not know how to trace headers down to the php line that sends them. Is there a way? I use Firefox, 
firebug and firePHP, but because of headers being sent out early, firePHP errors out, so I can't trace the 
php code.

Thanks in advance

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