[pmwiki-users] Pagelist & Search not working

Max Koop max at koop.de
Tue Feb 16 15:54:25 CST 2010

was: http://bit.ly/bqFgum

thanks for your answer..
>Are you saying that pagelists do not work on
>www.abifestival.de/testwiki/pmwiki.php, but they do work on another server
>with Linux and PHP5, with *exactly* the same [wiki] settings? What is the OS and
>PHP version of www.abifestival.de, when?

I'm saying if I download that wiki from the abifestival.de server and put it up on another one with e.g. linux and a higher/another php version it works perfectly fine.

More info:

>Did you try downloading a fresh copy of PmWiki from pmwiki.org, and
>setting up an empty wiki (no config.php)? Did it work?
That one I linked is a fresh copy of the last stable release.
And no it also did not work without config.php. 

>Did you check the server's (error) logs?
Nope. How or where can I do that?


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