[pmwiki-users] Pagelist & Search not working

Max Koop max at koop.de
Tue Feb 16 19:51:21 CST 2010

>> More info:
>> http://www.abifestival.de/testwiki/pmwiki.php?action=phpinfo
>> http://www.abifestival.de/testwiki/pmwiki.php?action=diag
>Oh, you should have warned us that you are using the oldest supported PHP
>version (as per http://pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/Requirements). I won't be
>able to help you with PHP 4.1.1, sorry. My solution would be to upgrade
>From here on, Petko or Pm should chime in and either decide to update the
>minimum requirements (thus making PmWiki unsupported on your platform), or
>look into fixing PmWiki to meet them.

If php is the issue then there must be something wrong with the settings in the php.ini
It just can' be just the php-old version, since the search and pagelist never worked.
(And we used pmwiki for quite some time now... )

I dont want to call up my hosting company to tell them: 
hey put php5 up on that server - when in the end thats not the problem.


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