[pmwiki-users] pmforms - skipping edit and going straight to form input?

Mark Bacas mbacas at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 09:23:15 CST 2010

I'm using PMForms to create pages with forms (of course). :)

I'm also using PowerTools new ticket to create the forms on pages with
unique dated numbers.

'''New Journal Entry: '''[[{(newticket Journal)}]]  -  '''[[Journal/]]'''

(:pagelist fmt=#teasers order=-time count=3

I get something like: New Journal Entry: Journal.20100218002? - Journal

After clicking on the Journal.20100218002? above I'd like to skip the
part when I create the new page and have to click on "Publish" to get
to my form to fill out. I'd like to go straight to the form.

Page contains:
'''Summary: '''{$:summary}
'''Status: '''{$:status}

(:pmform journaldata:)

Is there an easy way to do this? I tried searching the main pmwiki.org site.

I also have looked into maybe using something like NewPageBoxPlus.


 - Mark

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