[pmwiki-users] (UserAuth2) Problem with $UA2AfterLogoutRedirectTo

Harald C. haraldc at gmx.net
Mon Feb 22 08:06:21 CST 2010

Hello Petko,
and thank you for your answer.

I didn't complain, just asking again. ;-)

I wrote:

>> When looging out, the page to retun to can be set via
>> $UA2AfterLogoutRedirectTo in the local/config.php.
>> If I set
>> 	$UA2AfterLogoutRedirectTo = 'SomeGroup.SomePage';
>> I return to /SomeGroup/SomePage. That works fine.
>> But how can I achieve to always return to that (main) page where I
>> clicked Logout?
>> (The wiki commands are not in the main page but in a site-wide header
>> "page".)

Petko Yotov schrieb am / wrote on 22.02.2010 14:28:
> It might work with this line (untested) :
>    $UA2AfterLogoutRedirectTo = $pagename;

Unfortunately this doesn't work. I land on /Site/PageActions .
Any other ideas somebody?

BTW: As a newbie to PMWiki and not beeing a PHP expert, I do have great 
difficulties with all the variables used in PMWiki, how to set them and 
mainly how to get their "right" content in the different places like 
skin.tmpl, page, header file, footer file etc. The cookbook helps but 
for me it's still quite confusing.
However, I already do love PMWiki. Thanks to all the contributors!


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