[pmwiki-users] Setting php variables from wiki page or uploaded file

Harry Forsdick harry at forsdick.com
Wed Feb 24 03:30:39 CST 2010


I would like to create a way for wiki administrators (i.e., users who have
the password to edit pages and upload attachments) to change Site-wide
settings without having to get involved with the config.php file.

My thought was to put the following line in the config.php file


and then to create a page named Site.SiteSettings.

On that page, I attached one file:


In that file, I planning on including php statements such as:

   $SkinBodyColor = '#f7b173';

Great so far, until I tried to upload the sitesettings.php file:  It turns
out, for very good reasons that I hadn't thought about, php files are not
allowed to be uploaded.

The reason for this is if php files were allowed, then a user could do all
sorts of damage in putting other php commands in the file, thus trashing all

So, can someone suggest another way to do what I want to do?

Please include my email address explicitly in the reply since I don't
normally read pmwiki-users.


-- Harry

Harry Forsdick
(781) 861-6149 (h);  (781) 799 6002 (c)
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