[pmwiki-users] Can't figure out CleanURLs - Please help

Harald C. haraldc at gmx.net
Thu Feb 25 12:25:46 CST 2010


I try to set up a wiki farm and I have no .htaccess so far, as with the 
recipes given I couldn't get it to work. On the Cookbook/CleanURLs page 
there is a note for wiki farms stating that
"The directory where PmWiki is installed doesn't need to be reachable 
via URL."
So my directory structure look like this:

server_document_root/pmwiki/	<= [1]
server_document_root/mywiki1/	<= [2]

[1] no URL points here
[2] this is where the shortest URL to call mywiki1 points to;
     there is an index.php here with "include('../pmwiki/pmwiki.php');"

For the moment I get URLs like
(with $EnablePathInfo = 1; in farmconfig.php).
What I want is to have URLs like
and - most important - have that same page called up when somebody 
just enters	
in his/her browser.
The group "De" stands for the German pages in that multilingual setup, 
described in the cookbook recipe "MultilingualPages" (I found no better 
title, but in fact this recipe is just the contrary: one page per language).

As I said above, the rewriting rules given on the cookbook page don't work.
If applied and calling "http://mywiki1.tld" I get a page based on 
mywiki1's skin.tmpl with the text
	The page "" doesn't exist.
There is no Main.HomePage in mywiki1. Would I need one?
In config.php there is "$HomePage  = 'De.HomePage';"

So far I haven't set the variables $FarmPubDirUrl (in 
pmwiki/local/farmconfig.php) and $ScriptUrl (in 
mywiki1/local/config.php) because I didn't know what to assign to them: 

I like PMWiki, but it has a steep learning curve. :-(

Could some patient person please help me?


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