[pmwiki-users] Simple forms, but which processor?

dan mcmullen bang at bangzero.org
Fri Feb 26 11:38:33 CST 2010

you may not need a forms processor for your application Mark.  the 
standard built-in PmWiki form directives will post to any PmWiki page. 
in that page you can access the form fields with a bit of custom markup 
that makes pages variables from the value of a form field.  for example, 
if you put this line in your config.ph:

   $FmtPV['$recentdays'] = "'".$_POST['recentdays']."'";

you can get the value of the form field 'recentdays' in your page using 
"{$recentdays}".  there is also an HttpVariables Cookbook recipe that 
makes all the $_POST/$_GET variables available as page variables.

fwiw, dan

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