[pmwiki-users] Callout suggestions invited

Randy Brown randy at brownragfilms.com
Sat Jan 2 00:03:09 CST 2010

I'm writing a recipe called "Callout" that will provide callouts just like the tip, warning, and important callouts in the WikiStylesPlus recipe. It replicates those three and adds many more. I believe it's fully compatible with WikiStylesPlus, but doesn't require it.

I've tentatively included: attachment, conflict, copythis, goal, important, legal, money, nutshell, pattern, popout, reminder, resource, rss, seeabove, seebelow, seeleft, seeright, thumbsdown, thumbsneutral, thumbsup, tip, tool, uneven, and warning. Also: five checkmark callouts (checkblack, checkblue, checkgreen, checkred, checkyellow) and a documentation callout (builtincallouts) that shows all of the above.

If anyone wants to suggest additional callouts, or knows of conflicts with the names I've listed, please let me know. Any other comments are welcome too.

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