[pmwiki-users] anyone maintaining GoogleMapAPI?

Russ Fink russfink at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 5 13:03:54 CST 2010

Hi, is the GoogleMapAPI being actively maintained?  

Specifically, there is a problem with >20 geocodes/wiki page.  If Google receives too many geocode requests in a given time, it apparently times-out some of the requests, giving the infamous "GMA Error: No Lat/Lon or ZIP given (or incomplete)."  (If your users keep retrying the page, eventually you hit the OTHER problem of the 15,000 requests/site/day limit, eventually causing all of the addresses to give the GMA Error.

On searching around, I ran across this link: http://code.google.com/apis/maps/articles/phpsqlgeocode.html

It suggests that the conditions leading to the "620" error might be requests coming too fast - e.g., load a page that has 25 addresses to geocode.

Can the maintainer of GoogleMapAPI consider implementing the following fix:

"Timing the Geocode Requests: Regardless of what geocoder output you specify, your requests will be subject to the geocoder's maximum query rate and 15,000 queries per day based on your IP. Additionally, a status code of 620 will be returned by the geocoder if you query it faster than it can handle. (A full list of status codes is available here). To ensure you don't send queries too rapidly to the geocoder, you can specify a delay between each geocode request. We can increase this delay each time we receive a 620 status, and use a while loop to ensure we've successfully geocoded an address before iterating to the next one."


PS: if GoogleMapAPI is "dead," what is the replacement for it?  I haven't seen any page updates since about 2008.  Is Ben still around?  Thank you again.

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