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Hi Bernard,

First, be sure notify is allowed in your config.php ;
Then, it may take some time to be email-notified after changes have
been done : have a look at

I use it without any param, as you with /notify=bernarbel at gmail.com/,
and it works for me.


2010/1/7 Bernard Bel <bernarbel at gmail.com>:
> I am looking for a PmWiki recipe that would allow registered users to create a watchlist for pages, i.e. receive a mail every time a page is modified.
> First of all, in my installation, the email addresses of registered users are not stored - which is also a problem because of no "retrieve lost password" procedure.
> I thought that this was the case because some "sendmail" feature is not activated. Therefore I installed and carefully set up the "Notify" recipe, storing my email address on page "SiteAdmin.NotifyList": notify=bernarbel at gmail.com
> Well... Nothing happens! Surprizing because the same web server does send notifications for its PhpWiki website. This means that the mail() function is working properly.
> I was further puzzled not to find any call of the mail() function in PmWiki code... Certainly I am missing something here!
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