[pmwiki-users] Question and probably request : limit page history by number better than by age

ABClf languefrancaise at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 15:17:31 CST 2010

Hi !

Can someone confirm the only way to limit page's history is by setting
$DiffKeepDays variable in config (or use, ad libitum, ExpireDiff
If so, may I ask or suggest a feature ? (I didn't see any related
Pits) I would like to keep as page history, say last X revisions (and
not Xdays-aged revisions), in an easy and automated config way :
something like $DiffKeepNumRevisions. This way, I could say : always
keep last 25 rev, not more.
Aim is that I do like keeping, for every page, an history ; that won't
happen with rarely edited pages if I use, say, a 365 days limit.
Is there a good reason to make $DiffKeepDays work with age than with number ?

Thank you,

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