[pmwiki-users] Bulk Change with FoxReplace

edwin marte edwin.marte at leidba.com
Thu Jan 14 07:48:10 CST 2010

Thanks Hans for fast Reply and pointers.

I wrote the last code I was testing with, I tried several approaches with
not luck.  For sure I did not know how to use all options in fox, I am yet
learning about them. I'll re-write my code to try to solve my needs today.

About the timing what I would do is that I will somehow run the script for a
bunch of pages , not for all of the at once so I don't run out of time.

Thanks again for your pointers.

On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 7:05 PM, Hans <design5 at softflow.co.uk> wrote:

> PS:
> The put=string parameter
> instructs Fox to do a string replacement, looking for the
> string given with mark= parameter, and replacing it with whatever the
> template provides. put= is not a very logical naming for replacement
> options, but thwe name derives comes from the adding of content,
> where put= specifies where in a target page to put the new content.
> (:foxreplace  target='{$$(plist {$$pat})}' template=MyTemplatePage
>   put=string mark='{$$mk01}' put=string :)
> Hans
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