[pmwiki-users] missing something

Asher Vilensky dorfa1 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 14:32:22 CST 2010


This is my first ever pmwiki install.  I followed the installation guide.  I
modified the config.php file to my desire.  The browser can find the below
index, but I can't get the wiki itself to display.  What am I missing?

Index of /pmwiki [image: [ICO]]Name <http://eladsse01/pmwiki/?C=N;O=A>Last
modified <http://eladsse01/pmwiki/?C=M;O=A>Size<http://eladsse01/pmwiki/?C=S;O=A>
Description <http://eladsse01/pmwiki/?C=D;O=A>
[image: [DIR]]Parent Directory <http://eladsse01/>  - [image: [DIR]]
wikilib.d/ <http://eladsse01/pmwiki/wikilib.d/>07-Nov-2009 19:12 -  [image:
[DIR]]wiki.d/ <http://eladsse01/pmwiki/wiki.d/>14-Jan-2010 10:22 - [image:
[DIR]]scripts/ <http://eladsse01/pmwiki/scripts/>14-Jan-2010 10:58 - [image:
[DIR]]pub/ <http://eladsse01/pmwiki/pub/>07-Nov-2009 19:12 - [image: [TXT]]
pmwiki.php <http://eladsse01/pmwiki/pmwiki.php>27-Oct-2009 19:55 79K [image:
[DIR]]local/ <http://eladsse01/pmwiki/local/>14-Jan-2010 15:21 - [image:
[DIR]]docs/ <http://eladsse01/pmwiki/docs/>14-Jan-2010 11:01 - [image:
[DIR]]cookbook/ <http://eladsse01/pmwiki/cookbook/>07-Nov-2009 19:12 -
 Apache/2.2.3 (Red Hat) Server at eladsse01 Port 80

-- Asher
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