[pmwiki-users] how differentiate wiki home pages

Russ pmwiki at russhosting.com
Sun Jan 17 14:16:18 CST 2010

Try setting the cookie prefix to be unique in each wiki's config.php file:

$CookiePrefix = 'some_unique_ID';

That should require you to have to log in to each wiki with it's own 



jdd-gmane wrote:
> Hello :-)
> PmWiki is a very smart application, I use it very much.
> Specially, I have two different servers with wikis on each and on one
> of them 5 or 6 wiki in farm.
> My problem is that all these wikis have different passwds for editing
> the pages, but Firefox see all of them as only one and can't help me
> choosing the good passwd.
> Do you know any way to make Firefox understand these pages are not the
> same one?
> thanks
> jdd

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