[pmwiki-users] Cookbook Ratings : Vote for the recipes you use

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Jan 17 20:37:52 CST 2010


I have enabled ratings in the Cookbook and you can rate the recipes which you 
use or have reviewed, and thus contribute to the statistics.

We have several hundred recipes in the Cookbook. Newcomers are overwhelmed by 
the information overload. The stats/votes/ratings by other users may help 
newcomers make better decisions, faster.

This recipe was enabled for the Cookbook group:

To rate a recipe, just add in the page one list item like these:

!! User votes / Ratings
* (+) Your comment. Your Name, Date
* (-) Another comment. Another Name, Date

The asterisk "*" and (+) or (-) at the beginning indicate a positive or a 
negative rating. You can add some optional comment and your name -- these 
could be even more helpful to visitors.

The ratings could be in a dedicated section like "Users", or in the sections 
"Examples" or "Comments", or at the bottom of the page. 

For example, on a recipe for a blog, these ratings could be in the section 
"Example blogs using this recipe" with a list of links (the ratings), or in a 
section "Users" for those who prefer not linking to their blogs.

Recipe maintainers should organize their pages like they want, and can display 
the Rating counter with the new PageVariable "{$Rating2}" which contains 
something like "+6" or "+10 -5".

This implementation is inspired by the rating.php script written by Pm, but 
the vote format is slightly different
  "* (+) Name" instead of "* Name +1",
and the output is more compact 
  "+12 -7" instead of "11111 11111 11XXX XXXX"

We have discussed about ratings before -- I believe this variant is easy and 
fast for users to add themselves, allows short comments and names which are 
important for the trustworthiness, and will prevent accidential duplicate 
votes by the same users (who forgot they voted already). 
Most important, it is very simple to implement and use -- no forms, 
javascript, cookies, IP-logging, databases, external files, etc.


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