[pmwiki-users] Cookbook Ratings : Vote for the recipes you use

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Jan 18 08:25:29 CST 2010

I'm replying to my own arguments. :-)

On Monday 18 January 2010 14:18:19, Petko Yotov wrote :
> There are a number of benefits for not having the user/rating lists in
>  extra pages.
> * Maintainers wouldn't have to add *-Ratings pages to their watchlists. :-)
> * It is easer to look at the lists of names, instead of going to another
>  page. As people outlined before, more important than the numeric sum of
>  the ratings is who are the people supporting / endorsing the program.

The *-Rating listings could be included in the main page, so they will be 

> * It is easier for a visitor to edit the same page, than to go to another
>  one. I believe the effort/confusion for a visitor going to a different
>  page for longer comments, and to another one for a rating, and finding
>  their way back to the recipe, is _more_ than the effort from a PmWiki
>  expert to monitor his pages (that is even one page less to monitor per
>  recipe).

There could be a direct link to *-Rating?action=edit as Peter suggested, this 
should work. Upon saving the page, there could be a header with links back to 
the recipe and to the comments.

Moreover, it will be easier for users to edit a page with just user listings, 
than a page with the full documentation finding a section with the ratings.

Last, the users who install our recipes are actually wiki administrators, so 
this should not be ectremely hard and copnfusing for them.

> * If we keep user lists in the same page, the cookbook category listings
>  will need to open half the number of disk files, and this is 2x easier and
>  faster for the server/filesystem. Even now, without the additional file
>  reads, the server is sometimes slow, I'm not sure I want to add more load
>  to it.

As Hans suggested, we could stop reading the *-Talk pages counting the number 
of profile links. Or, as Dave suggested, we could store the ratings in the *-
Talk pages.

> What I wrote above is what I was considering yesterday before enabling the
> ratings the way they are now. But as Hans, Dave and Peter are three of the
> most active recipe maintainers, and all voiced for using a separate page
>  for the ratings, I'm very much considering a change. And I agree it should
>  be the same for all pages, so should we change it, we should do it
>  quickly.

I have disabled the message to add ratings in the GroupFooter, until we decide 
what is best.


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