[pmwiki-users] Exclude pages from pagelist : link=-mylink possible ?

ABClf languefrancaise at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 20:19:16 CST 2010


I have a big trail for a bibliography where I list books (first level)
and studies about these books (second level) ;
I would like to list the books —not the studies—, in a dedicated
chronology, using a pagelist ;
I tagged some studies with a special category [[!Studies]] but I'm
afraid it is not doable to limit the pagelist using a :
(:pagelist trail=Argot.BibliographieDesDictionnaires
link=-Category.Etude fmt=#title order=$:Date:) failed.

My question : is this right one can't use link=-mylink param, though
one can use name=-myname ?
In this case, is there some easy workaround to get the same result
(excluding some pages from a trail using some param) in an other way ?
I guess I can rewrite my [[!Studies]] in a PTV, expected to work with
$:MyPageTextVariable=-VALUE, though this will be slower, isn'it ?

Thank you,

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