[pmwiki-users] Best way to set wiki interface language for different users?

Harald C. haraldc at gmx.net
Thu Jan 21 18:54:31 CST 2010


I want to create a multilingual site using MultiLanguageViews, and I 
have editors from different countries. How can I set the wiki interface 
language via the XLPage for each editor?
MultiLanguageViews proposes to do it according to the language view 
chosen by the user (editor), but I think it won't be very useful to 
change the language each time if e.g. a French person edits a page, then 
looks at the result in e.g. first French and then in English.
A fixed setting for all the editors in config.php is not desired either.
A conditional setting according to the editor (or a user group) would be 
better, but where and how?

Thanks for tips.

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