[pmwiki-users] OpenStreetMap

Volker Laas webmaster at ak-loek.de
Sun Jan 24 16:51:38 CST 2010

Hello Aditya,

I embed OSM Maps to PmWiki Sites by using the includeupload Recipe
http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/IncludeUpload . Choose at the
Openstreetmap.org Site's export funktion: html to embed. Then copy this
html-code to a map.html file, upload this file and write on the page
where the map should be displayed (:includeupload map.html:)
I hope this will help you. If anybody knows a better solution to embed
an Openstreetmap I would appreciate to hear about it.



Aditya Mandayam schrieb:
> Has anyone written anything to integrate OSM into PMWiki?
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