[pmwiki-users] CSS styles not working

David Sánchez davidsanchezvasquez at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 17:08:54 CST 2010

I've just created a class "knownrecordings" in the "pmwik.css" file in
my theme to style this table:


(:table class="knownrecordings":)
(:head:) Source
(:head:) Format
(:head:) Taper
(:head:) Equipment
(:head:) Notes
(:cellnr:) VID
(:cell:) HI8
(:cell:) pavemalk
(:cell:) Sony HI8 V5000 + Sony Mic 959
(:cellnr:) SBD
(:cell:) pavemalk

However, the style is not applied. There are no borders, neither the
background I have defined in the CSS file for the class

Is there something I'm missing?



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