[pmwiki-users] Powertools: Serialname questions

Graham Archer Graham.Archer at Sun.COM
Thu Jan 28 05:10:14 CST 2010


I have a couple of questions relating to serialname within powertools.

1/ Is it possible to increase the 4 digit numbering provided by serialname?
If so  how would I make serialname have 00000 i.e five digits instead of 

2/  Is it possible to change the group using a input variable from a fox 
i.e if the user selects UK or France in a fox form,  via

(:input radio country value=uk:) UK (:input radio country value=France:) 

how can I make serialname act on the group UK or France.

I tried '{$$(serialname {$$:country} {$$resultspage}-)}':)  but this 
doesn't work.

Many thanks for any tips you may have.



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