[pmwiki-users] Mini not working

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Mar 7 19:44:01 CST 2010

On Monday 08 March 2010 01:50:39, pmwiki at 911networks.com wrote :
> I just installed Pm 2.2.14 and the latest Mini.php with the lightbox
> enabled. It doesn't work.
> I have exactly the same setup for testing with Pm 2.2.13 and the
> previous version of Mini.php with the lightbox enabled. it works
> properly.
> I have checked:
> * .htaccess
> * local/config.php
> They are identical expect for the domain names.
> Can somebody suggest where I should start to find what I screwed up?

What exactly doesn't work? Usually the problems are :

* Completely blank page = missing PHP function, likely with IPTC, disable
  IPTC; check the server "error log" for messages

* Thumbnails not created :
  * No links to originals created = uploads not found, enable uploads
    and/or check if the files are visible to PmWiki, ie. both
    Attach:yourpic.jpg and (:attachlist:) should show the pictures.
    Also : file extensions need to be lowercase, .jpg not .JPG.

  * Links to originals created, thumbnails created but not shown = file
    permissions on the server directories

  * Links to originals created, thumbnails not shown and not created
    in the uploads directory = PHP Memory limit

* Thumbnails created, Lightbox not working 
  = Skin needs <!--HTMLHeader--> or <!--HTMLFooter-->
  = $FarmPubDirUrl is incorrect
  = is the lightbox directory from mini.zip copied in pmwiki/pub ?

I will very much appreciate if such support requests could be added to the 
Mini-Talk page instead of on the mailing list:


Other users who might have your experiences are more likely to look at the 
talk page than to search through the mailing list archives -- and I wouldn't 
need to do the same work again, to help them.

Additionally, when it is possible to look at the wiki, this usually speeds up 
the diagnostic and the fix.

Thanks in advance.

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