[pmwiki-users] [fox] only add new page when textarea is not empty

Martin Kerz mkerz at me.com
Tue Mar 9 01:52:45 CST 2010

Dear Hans,

>> JS is enabled. I have no (:foxcheck:) in there, because I don't
>> know how to use it as a conditional switch for wiki markup which
>> seems to be the only possibility to do what I intend.
> Martin, perhaps I do not understand your intentions.
> If you use (:foxcheck text:) for a  textarea named 'text'
> then if the are is empty on submission an error is called and nothing
> is posted. Is this not what you want?

Not really. I have three textareas (antrag, begruendung, kommentar) in one form which creates three different pages afterwards. When I use e.g. (:foxcheck begruendung,kommentar:) I get the following message if "begruendung" and "kommentar" are left blank:

Invalid parameter: kommentar
Invalid parameter: begruendung
Please enter valid input!

Furthermore, even "antrag" is not processed and thus the resulting page not created. I want my users to be able to leave two text areas blank (begruendung and kommentar), which should result to the non-creation of the respective pages, but should nevertheless process and create the page for "antrag".

Thanks a lot


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