[pmwiki-users] powertools newticket issue with -Talk pages.

Mark Bacas mbacas at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 07:25:31 CDT 2010

Hi Hans,

> You have not explained how a new ticket page and/or a new ticket-Talk
> page should be created. I don't understand why the existence of a
> 20100315001-Talk page for instance should influence the next ticket page.
> You would have a page 20100315001 as well, yes?
> The next ticket should be 20100315002 for the same day.
> In the MakeNewTicket function in powertools.php the pages
> containing 11 digits at the start of the page name get listed, the
> maximum taken, then 1 added for a same day ticket number, or the day
> number increased.

I use this process to create the -Talk pages:

New tickets are created in a Fox form:
(:fox mtdActionform target='{$$(newticket)}' put=top ptvupdate=1
template=MTDTemplates#newaction redirect=[[Main/HomePage]]:)

You are correct, I have 20100315001 and  20100315001-Talk. I had
entered a bunch of tickets yesterday and everything was working great.
At some point I created my first -Talk page. After that when I created
a newticket I kept getting 20100315001 as the ticket. Since I'm using
Fox forms to create pages it was doing some interesting stuff. I tried
switching to "serialname" pages but that had the same issue.

> Try change this line in the function:
> foreach(ListPages("/^$grp.\\d{11}/") as $p)
> to this:
> foreach(ListPages("/^$grp.\\d{11}$/") as $p)
> adding the $ to the regex expression.
> It should exclude any -Talk pages influencing the new ticket number.
> Let me know if it works, so I can update the powertools.php recipe
> accordingly.

That worked! I'd suggest also changing this for the serialname page
function and perhaps any other place that may benefit.

> thanks,
>  ~Hans

Thank you! I hope to have a released version of my system soon.
Without some of your tools and Fox I don't think it would be as nice
(if even possible).


 - Mark

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