[pmwiki-users] fox-question: defining the traget's ptv's

Knut Alboldt pmwiki at alboldt.de
Wed Mar 17 17:59:31 CDT 2010

Hi !

I'm using fox to create a new page calling it with:

(:fox entryform put=top target='ID{$DTS}' ptvupdate=1 
template=Templates#entry redirect=ID{$DTS}:)
(:include {$Group}.Templates#inputfields:)
(:foxend entryform:)

referring to the page format:

(:Auftraggeber: {$$Auftraggeber} :)
(:Ressort: {$$Ressort} :)
(:Erscheinungsdatum: {$$Erscheinungsdatum} :)
(:Ueberschrift: {$$Ueberschrift} :)
(:Unterzeile: {$$Redakteur} :)
(:Status: {$$Status} :)

I thought to reduce the definitions I can the following call to create 
new entries:

(:fox entryform put=top target='ID{$DTS}' ptvupdate=1 pvtfmt=hidden 
(:include {$Group}.Templates#inputfields:)
(:foxend entryform:)

and deleting the [[#entry]]-section, to use the variables defined in the 
#inputfiles-section, but I get an error-message:
Error: no target specified!

So I think I haven't got the the meaning of the ptvfmt-option ?

(all sections are placed within one template-page which is called for 
all fox-actions)


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