[pmwiki-users] Suppress WARNING in pmwiki.php

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Apr 16 05:21:16 CDT 2017

This appears to be caused by an non-existing file among the InterMap 

Indeed, it shouldn't be a problem to use "@file_exists(...)" at that 
line, and I'll add it for the next version.

(I don't use Windows but I wonder why a path like 
"wiki.d/D:\path\file.txt" is considered external to wiki.d or even 
possible. The file_exists function should, and does return "false", 
there is no need to show a warning in our case.)


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On 2017-04-16 00:18, Brian Tibbels wrote:
> I have a Pmwiki installation which has recently moved server and it
> produces the following warning. It is being suggested to me by my 
> webhost
> that a "@" is prefixed on the offending function at the given line to
> suppress this warning rather than changing the "open_basedir" parameter 
> in
> the PHP setup.
> The offending line is
> 1108 : return ($pagefile && file_exists($pagefile));
> I would appreciate some enlightenment on this please.
> Rgds
> Brian
> ----
> *Warning*: file_exists(): open_basedir restriction in effect.
> File(wiki.d/D:\domains\web-pack-001.package\httpdocs\mydomain.co.uk\1.local.farmmap.txt)
> is not within the allowed path(s):

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