[pmwiki-users] Responsive skin added to core, enabled on pmwiki.org

Peter Kay pkay42 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 11:59:08 CDT 2017

Awesome work!  I'm looking forward to seeing it on my mobile.  On my
desktop, I see the left menu in a separate box with its own scroll
bars - neither of the scroll bars are necessary (at my resolution) and
the vertical scroll bar stops before the bottom of the page, which
looks rather weird.  I haven't had a chance to look at what's going
on, but it seems like it should be just a part of the page if it fits


On Wed, Apr 26, 2017 at 6:45 PM, Petko Yotov <5ko at 5ko.fr> wrote:
> Hello,
> In the last few days I've been working on the responsive skin for the core,
> based on the 2016 skin.[*]
> It is now added to subversion and will be in 2.2.98. You can get it with the
> pre-release archive here:
>   http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/Subversion
> It will NOT be enabled by default in the default installation, but I've
> enabled it on the pmwiki.org website so that more people can test it and
> report any problems.
> I'll have to better document it but here are the changes from the last
> release of the 2016 skin:
> 1. The function that allows to print header and footer sections of the skin
> from wiki pages changed to make the template appear less complex to
> newcomers: this is always a goal for PmWiki and I wasn't happy with how the
> 2016 skin did it.
> Now the full HTML snippet moved from the php script back to the html
> template for people to easily find it. A slightly different function looks
> for the section from the wiki page, and if there is one, the template
> section is disabled.
> 2. In mobile view, when the menu, search form and actions block are open,
> the background is faded. This helps focusing your view on the open block.
> This does not require JavaScript to work.
> When you click out of the open block, on the background, any open blocks are
> closed. This uses JavaScript, but when unavailable, you can still close the
> open block by clicking on the large red X icon, like before.
> 3. The minimum width for the "desktop" layout increased to 38em (about
> 600px) which allows some 7-inch tablets and large phones to switch the
> layout from desktop to mobile by rotating the device in portrait or
> landscape orientation.
> 4. The header and footer in mobile mode are now the same light gray
> background as in the desktop mode (instead of white). Inversely, the popups
> with the menu, search form and page actions have now white background.
> 5. Some cleanup was done to the CSS, a scrollbar could sometimes appear at
> the bottom of the SideBar, a pixel here or there, a README file was added.
> As before, the JavaScript used by the skin is minimal, without dependencies,
> and only cosmetic: the wiki will look nice and be very usable even with
> JavaScript disabled.
> Having a mobile-friendly layout reportedly increases the chance search
> engines will list your site to visitors on mobile devices.
> I've been using the 2016 skin daily, for several months, but I'll appreciate
> if you can test it and report any problems, inconsistencies or if you have
> ideas for improvements. You can browse PmWiki.org, or enable the skin on
> your wiki. Test/review also if it works as expected with any
> recipes/modules.
> The new skin should ship with the next release due in a few days, but we can
> improve it further.
> The discussion can continue here:
>   http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PITS/01406
> (or if you prefer, the mailing list).
> Petko
> [*] http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Skins/2016
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