[pmwiki-users] From inside of config.php I need a good way to get the physical upload directory path (full path), or good way to create an attachment automatically.

ccox at endlessnow.com ccox at endlessnow.com
Fri Apr 28 19:01:00 CDT 2017

I tried tricks for recipes... where you can use MakeUploadName,
FmtPageName, $UploadFileFmt and such but none of those functions, vars
are available in config.php

What I'm trying to do create a file if it doesn't exist in the
attachment area for a page in a group.  The file is downloaded from
an external location.  My code "works", but wanted something

Open to any suggestions... (maybe I'm just not thinking straight).  I
tried a local/GroupName.php file as well.  

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