[pmwiki-users] Responsive skin - scrolling

Walter Keller wa at wlkl.ch
Sat Apr 29 04:35:37 CDT 2017

Hi Petko

Why are you scrolling the navigation frame together with the content? 
For me it's much more helpfull if the two panes are scrolled separatly, 
otherwise navigation disappears when you scroll down content. Look at 
http://wlkl.ch/index.php?n=Lit.Lit : the alphabet on the left top is 
used to navigate within the (huge) content and remains there, whereever 
you are reading.

Why is tmpl name $SkinDir/skin.tmpl and not $SkinDir/$Skin.php, which is 
the first choice in skins.php? I think PmWiki should clearly show and 
stick to a single  prefered naming convention.


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