[pmwiki-users] Responsive skin added to core, enabled on pmwiki.org

Christopher Cox ccox at endlessnow.com
Sun May 7 18:37:55 CDT 2017

On 05/07/2017 04:52 PM, Petko Yotov wrote:
> On 2017-05-05 13:51, Oliver Betz wrote:
>>>> Do you consider a "switch to standard view" option to get the sidebar
>>>> displayed permanently also on smaller devices? Other responsive designs
>>>> do so.
>>> Not at the top of my priority list. There is a feature in mobile
>>> browsers, at least in Firefox and Chrome: click on the "menu (3 dots)"
>>> button, then select "Request desktop site" (or similar).
>> indeed, thanks for the hint! I didn't expect this to work because also
>> on my desktop PC, I got the mobile view with very narrow window.
> Yes, resizing the window may switch the layout.
> The skin is configured to use the "desktop" layout when the browser window is at
> least 50em large (about 800 CSS reference pixels, 16.9°, 0,295 rad), otherwise
> the "mobile" layout.
> This allows a large 5.5" HD smartphone 1920x1080px (and smaller ones) to display
> the "mobile" layout BOTH in portrait and landscape orientation.
> Before it used "mobile" layout in "portrait" orientation but "desktop" layout in
> "landscape" orientation, but people requested that it didn't change. Now [other]
> people told me they preferred the old way, to be able on a mobile device to have
> both layouts depending on the orientation. Understand that I can only select one
> option or the other: in any case someone will be unhappy. Also this is only
> about the skin shipped with the core: nothing prevents people to copy it under a
> new name and change the threshold as they prefer.
> If there is a better way to do it, I'm open to review it and use it.

Not a "better way", but a way... use an iframe.  So using the includesite recipe:

(:includeSite https://{$PageUrl}?action=download&upname=test.mp4 width=100% 
height=300 border=0:)

No controls... but might be ok.

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