[pmwiki-users] Issue with accented letter in link (with alternate page name in config)

ABClf languefrancaise at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 15:25:29 CDT 2017


Just testing 2.2.103 on a new local installation (but probably not
related to that version) : I'm facing an issue for links with accented
french letter, when using dedicated alternate pagename in config.
I believe the snippet given in Cookbook/AlternateNamingScheme is doing
something I didn't expect.

In my config :

$MakePageNamePatterns = array(
    "/'/" => '',   # strip single-quotes
    "/[^$PageNameChars]+/" => ' ',         # convert everything else to space
    '/((^|[^-\\w])\\w)/' => PCCF("return strtoupper(\$m[1]);"),
    "/\\s+/" => '-');

[[mètre]] outputs links to : MèTre (same behavior with : é ; but works
as expected with : ç)

Can this be corrected or is that the normal behavior ?

Note :
in case I use next alternate page name scheme given in the recipe,
it's working as expected
"/(^\\w)/" => PCCF("return strtoupper(\$m[1]);"),     # initial caps

Thank you,

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