[pmwiki-users] usage of database recipes

Ben Stallings ben at interdependentweb.com
Sun Sep 24 14:31:13 CDT 2017

Hi, folks! Long time no see! I've been working with Drupal for the past
decade, but Petko brought me back to PmWiki with a request to update the
UpdateForm recipe for PHP7. I did that and reinstated a demo site where
people can put the recipe through its paces.

I'm wondering if people are using my other database recipes:
SelectQuery, DataQuery, and DataPlates. If so, or if people would use
them if they were updated, I'd be happy to put in the time to update
them and set up demo sites for them as well. But if there's not
interest, I don't know if I can justify putting in the time to re-learn
PmWiki and catch up with the new features that have been added in the
past 10 years, since I'm not actively using PmWiki anymore in my work.

I'm eager to hear any feedback. Thank you in advance.

Ben Stallings
Interdependent Web

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