Followups to Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow Torches

Last updated: 17-Oct-1994
From  Thu Oct 13 14:42:15 1994
Subject: OSHA violation
It has come to our attention that, while conducting a certain hazardous STP experiment, a member of your research staff failed to take the appropriate measures for protective clothing.

Intense examination of the left panel of Figure 5, labeled "Extinguising the SPT" with an xv viewer reveals a relection on the side of the "toaster" object. Computer analysis shows that the reflection is that of a human foot - which should have been protected by a steel-toed boot, and which obviously is not.

We hope that in the future, you take a more serious view of safety.

Al von Ruff
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Dangerous Projects Team -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The incriminating photo:

Enlargment of Figure 5 <= Note the human foot in the toaster reflection

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