[Pmwiki-users-de] Re: [pmwiki-users] Word wrap problem

Hans design at flutesong.net
Tue Apr 19 10:28:35 EDT 2005

Tuesday, April 19, 2005, 1:38:18 PM, Patrick wrote:
> Oh, we might be able to do it on highlighted text.  However, note
> that it's not possible to manipulate highlighted text in some browsers--
> one can only operate on the entire text.

For those browsers most of the gui edit buttons are useless anyway.
To make a "remove indents" button work on all the text by default if
none is highlighted seems to me a bit counterintuitive, even
dangerous. To highlight text first, all or part of it, and then use
the button, seems safer and more intuitive. Maybe we can ignore
browsers which can't handle highlighted text?


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