[pmwiki-users-de] Highlighting the changes in the history

Christian Bartolomaeus bartolin at gmx.de
Mo Mai 21 01:32:16 CDT 2007

Hi Eugen, (hi Boris -- in another thread,)

* On 2007-05-16 Eugen Grigorescu (eugen.grigorescu at gmx.net) wrote:
>    [...]
>    I know this is a long shot, but is there a way of highlighting the
>    changes of the history that have been made in an article. Otherwise it
>    is pretty difficult to find changes in a long article. Or is there an
>    easier way to find changes if not by highlighting?

unfortunately I can't answer your question. But since you (and Boris)
asked in English, I would advise to re-post your question on
pmwiki-users [1] (see also [2]). That list has a much larger community
(and much more traffic as well) than pmwiki-users-de -- so you will
probably get an answer there.



[1] http://pmichaud.com/mailman/listinfo/pmwiki-users

[2] http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/MailingLists
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