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Photo tool recall
This is a nifty tool that allows you to automatically detect the size or
orientation of the key images without distortion. In other words, you can
choose which elements of an image you want to keep and what to get rid of
them. Suppose you have a horizontal photo of two people, and wants
vertically. You can select items and pieces of background information that
you have and what you would like to remove without distortion or background
of the population.
Add Photomerge Tool Exhibition
The role of Photomerge is a tool that allows demand to combine several
similar images taken with different exposures into a single best perfect
exposure has been improved. We've all experienced this: take a picture of
someone in full sun and background scenery are great, but the face of the
person is in the shade. You need to play with curves and levels to improve
the exposure or do you really know what you do with the camera settings to
try to balance. Instead, you can optimize an image with the flash to
eliminate shadows and underexposed in the middle (without flash) in the
background. Then use Photomerge exposure to select the best exposure for
each image, and even merge them into a balanced picture. Learn more why to
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