[pmwiki-users-de] blank pages after server migration

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Do Mai 11 10:26:13 CDT 2017

Do you have any recipes/modules that call the function 
htmlspecialchars() ?

If yes, check if there are newer versions in the Cookbook and upgrade. 
At any rate, if any script calls htmlspecialchars() it should be 
rewritten to call PHSC() - just replace "htmlspecialchars" with "PHSC" 
(except for pmwiki.php).


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On 2017-05-11 17:12, Caissa wrote:
> Hi all,
> I looked at the troubleshooting page and found:
>> After a PHP upgrade, some of the pages on my wiki are completely
>> blank, empty, some have blank or missing sections, but the sidebar and
>> the action links are visible.
> This is somewhat my problem, but an upgrade didn't solve it, nor could 
> I
> find any obvious reasons.
> See my startpage: 
> http://www.jobkiste.net/caissa/pmwiki/?n=Main.HomePage
> it's more or less blank.
> after searching for something in the searchfield I get this:
> http://www.jobkiste.net/caissa/pmwiki/?n=Main.HomePage&action=search&q=partien
> the menu appears, pages are listed, but clicking on them leads to a
> blank page again.
> My phpinfo <http://www.jobkiste.net/info.php> might be useful.
> Any hint in what direction I should search?

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