[Pmwiki-users] Happy WikiTrails to you

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at sci.tamucc.edu
Sun Nov 3 22:40:41 CST 2002

Today John Rankin suggested a concept for building "trails" among wiki
pages.  Basically a WikiTrail is a convenient way to define a 
previous-next path among a set of wiki pages, and to easily insert,
delete, or reorder pages in the trail.

On pmichaud.com I've implemented an "experimental" version of this feature.
This message is an invitation to pmwiki-users to take a look at WikiTrails,
experiment with it, and make suggestions.  Currently it's implemented as
an "add-on" module to PmWiki as opposed to being integrated directly
into the code.

The original discussions took place at
and the experimental implementation is available at



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