[Pmwiki-users] More on WikiTrail

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Wed Nov 6 17:15:22 CST 2002

>Pm Writes:
>> Also, in converting T:stop to :stop:text, would we need to strip out=20
>> the markup from the target page?  I would think so, but am curious as =
>> what you had in mind there...
> ----
> Up to a point, Minister. One reason wiki works is it brings "power =
through simplicity, simplicity through generality".=20
> If wiki add-in does its T:stop to :stop:text before the rest of the=20
> page rendering happens, then I'd have thought it could cope with=20
> most in-line mark-up, except perhaps [[include:wikiword]]=20
> (which might reasonably be translated into wikiword).=20

Actually, I'm thinking it will have trouble with the non-inline markup,
such as !, !!, *, :term:definition, etc.  And since many pages will begin
with headers (as opposed to just text), this may be a big concern.

I'd be happy with caveat emptor. A policy along the lines of:
- it's an add-in, you can designate trails with or without excerpted text
- if you choose to use excerpted text, wiki will be consistent (eg strip =
out all start-of-line mark-up, although :stop:term:definition might be a =
bit odd)
- you might not like the result in all cases
- write the effect you want into the trail page rather than to compromise =
your stop pages
- sometimes surprises are a good thing
- head*lines* are often more useful to a reader than headings, so think =
about how you word !!lines


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