[Pmwiki-users] Re: An outline for WikiOutlines with inlined markup?

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at sci.tamucc.edu
Thu Nov 7 16:42:17 CST 2002

>On 8 Nov 2002, John Rankin wrote:
>Wouldn't it have to be ^^TopPage^^ (I'm assuming that there is one page 
>that lays out the whole outline).

Yup.  And for some reason I'm not too fond of the carets.

>If <<TopPage>> produces < PreviousPage | ThisPage | NextPage > it means 
>I can't get to TopPage from ThisPage. Is this a problem?

Er, right.  I intended < PreviousPage | TopPage | NextPage > in my email.
However, that looks kinda funny too.  Hrm.  Maybe I'll just cross that
bridge when I come to it (since I might never come to it :-).

>I'm assuming "show ThisPage's children" is excluded.

Only because I can't think of a version I like.  Also, in most
previous/up/next models that I've seen, the "next" page is usually this 
page's first child if one exists, as opposed to being the next page 
on the same level.  And the previous page is the last child
of the previous page from the same level, if one exists.  See, for example,
the python documentation that Scott Duff provided.

Certainly it should be this way if we want to preserve the trail 
semantics that started this whole thing.  


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