[Pmwiki-users] File upload feature discussion

Dawn Green green at thunderdata.com
Fri Nov 15 08:29:49 CST 2002

I'm not sure how much I can offer in the way of design ideas since I am
unfamiliar with the software itself (which may be a plus since I'm looking at
it from a user perspective only :).  With that said, let me share my thoughts:

>   1.  How the feature should look to the "wiki user"--the person who is
>       creating web pages and uploading files.  In particular, this includes
> 	  or something else entirely?
I like the basic "add attachment" allowing them to browse their own machine
for the file.

> 	- What model are we taking for file/resource uploads, is it an
> 	  "upload pool" or do we go with "page attachments", "group 
First, I like the page attachment idea because of the reduced clutter.  I
think if a user will be changing images out frequently, it is easier to scan
and remove images from a single page especially if they are not familiar with
directories and such.   Having said that, you ask:

> 	- What actions does a wiki user take to initiate a file upload?
Press a button and browse the system for the file.

> 	- What file operations is a wiki user empowered to perform or
> 	  restricted from performing?
Again, not having the knowledge about setup, I'd say none.  Currently, we have
full control over directories on our machines.  If someone has access to the
wiki edit pages, they should have complete control over everything including
deletes.  At first, I considered a "recycle bin" but then I realized that all
files have come off of someone's desktop machine so that can be their recycle
bin.  Why add more complexity by institutin one in PmWIki?

> 	- How does a wiki user (author or reader) learn about the 
> 	  uploaded resources available?
Not sure what you mean here.

One design consideration if using attachments to a page.  What if a user
frequently has two or more pages where they use the same image, for example. 
Should this same image be added to each page?  While it may add to the space
used (PDF files come to mind), cascading a deletion across all pages would not
be a concern.  

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