[Pmwiki-users] File upload feature discussion

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Sun Nov 17 15:31:59 CST 2002

Which of the following basic approaches  should we take in the design of a =
file upload feature for PmWiki?
  1.  Have a centralized "upload file area" that uses InterMap links
  2.  Have files attached to individual wiki pages
  3.  Have files attached to wiki groups
  4.  Some other approach I haven't mentioned here

I'm very much looking forward to hearing all of your opinions.  :-)

The design approach depends on what the requirements are. Here is one =
upload philosophy.

Make it easy for authors to:
a. see what uploaded files are available for use, eg to use the same image =
on several pages, refer to it rather than upload it each time
b. restrict access to attachments either by group and/or page, ie follow =
existing security conventions
c. find out which pages refer to an attachment

Option 3 meets requirement a; option 2 meets requirement b. Groups seem =
intrinsic to PmWiki and option 1 seems a bit inconsistent with that =
approach. How would option 1 handle security? With option 2, is it =
envisaged that an author can refer to a page attachment from another page?

If security is not a requirement, then option 1 would be OK.

Is 2 *and* 3 a possibility? A GroupAttachments page is a special case of 2,=
 if references to attachments on another page are allowed.

In a list of attachments, I imagine a click on an attachment name produces =
a list of referencing pages, much like clicking on a page's title. This =
would meet requirement c.
John Rankin

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