[Pmwiki-users] recommendation

Davis, James C. jdavis at cob.tamucc.edu
Wed Nov 20 11:20:07 CST 2002

I'm probably directing this to the wrong listserv, but it might apply to
wiki's hosted by other organizations as well. I noticed something and I
wanted to make a recommendation. The official TAMU-CC web procedure section
5.3 states:

5.3 A disclaimer statement (or a link to such) must appear on any page that
can be reasonably construed as a point of entry into a collection of
unofficial web pages. The disclaimer must read: "The views and opinions
expressed on unofficial and personal pages at Texas A&M University-Corpus
Christi are strictly those of the page authors. The content of these pages
has not been reviewed or approved by TAMU-CC."  

I noticed that the several wiki systems on campus (including the College of
Business wiki) were not in compliance with this. My recommendation is that a
disclaimer link, such as the one that appears for all personal pages on
kestrel, be added to $PageFooterFmt in local.php (and group configuration
scripts) on all wiki systems on campus. I have done this on COBWiki. See:

Just a recommendation to keep us all out of trouble,

James Davis
Network Manager
College of Business
Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
(361) 825-5926
jdavis at cob.tamucc.edu

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