[Pmwiki-users] More on attachments

Dawn Green green at thunderdata.com
Thu Nov 21 13:50:40 CST 2002

> Here's a terrific example--let's see a show of hands here--be honest!
>   1.  How many people have actually used the HTML <ADDRESS> tag for
>       displaying an address?
>   2.  How many people even knew that HTML *has* (had?) an
> <ADDRESS> tag?  :-)

[Hands held firmly by my side on both counts.]

> ready to make the leap to user-authored stylesheets just yet (although
> I've toyed with the idea many times).

You say that your audience is "naive authors".  I guess that is a major
question for me...is your target audience those that will set the software
up or those that will do the actual "authoring"?  What direction do you hope
to go in the future regarding ease of set-up for the truly naive
(programmers or not), if any?


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