[pmwiki] Re: [Pmwiki-users] problems with returns and paragraphs

Bernhard.Weichel at t-online.de Bernhard.Weichel at t-online.de
Sun Jun 29 06:24:10 CDT 2003

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> Overall, it sounds to me as though you're saying that a line beginning
> with a '*' should start a list item that continues until the next line
> that has some sort of beginning-of-line markup character.  While this
> is probably reasonable, I'm not aware of any other wikis that work
> this way. 
> All of the wikis I've seen use the end-of-line to terminate a list
> item. 
> This isn't to say that PmWiki can't be different, but I'd want a
> really strong reason for being different.
> Plus, it's not completely obvious to me that if an author writes
>     * one
>     two
>     three
>     four

This is somehow true. But what sounds really reasonable to me is that
a list is marked up as 

* this ist the first list item
  this belongs to the first list

* this is the second list item 
  while this belongs to the second
  list item

* this is the third list item
  in which I illustrate a nested list

  * this is the nested list iterm
    which also has more than one item

  * this is the second item of the nested

  this is another paragraph of the third
  item of the first list

* this is the fourth item of the list
  with may also have more than one line.

This looks fancy in the source also, for this reason
I treat it the most intuitive.

Not that I desire this in PMWiki. IMHO it is rather
difficult to implement that in PmWiki based on the 
current processing model.

I have implemented a markup for songs (lyrics and guitar chords)
in pmwiki which is based on the number of Blanks at the beginning 
of the line.

In particular if some material already there, authors tend
to continue the approach.

> could possibly define ";*", ";#", ";!", etc. to mean that newlines
> should be converted to spaces (or <br>s) until the next line with
> some sort of beginning of markup character.  Thus,
>     ;* the list entry and
>     the first entry
>     ;* the second list entry and
>     the second entry

Well I do not really support this, in particular since I now know that
there is another way to achieve this (played a little in the sandbox)

* one \
  two \
  three \

* five \
  six \
  seven \
  eight [[<<]] \
  and another paragraph \
  in that list\

** second list\
   with paragraphs [[<<]] \
   and paragraphs\

** second list \

* first list item\
  item of first list


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