[Pmwiki-users] Free link questions

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at sci.tamucc.edu
Mon Mar 17 20:41:51 CST 2003

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> Um, no; I had misunderstood $Tlink. What I need is a reference that is $Title for a WikiWord and {{$Title}} for a free link. In fact I'm now having a hard time understanding what {{$Title_}} does, 'cos it's not a valid free link reference... (I assume it's fine if the space replace character is '').

Sorry, in my previous message I totally misdescribed what $Tlink does
(because I mis-read my own code).  I think it in fact does almost what
you want--it's "$Title_" for a WikiWord and "{{$Title_}}" for a non-WikiWord.
Thus a page named "WikiWord" becomes "WikiWord", a page named "Pagename"
becomes "{{Pagename}}".

$Tlink uses $Title_ (and not $Title) because otherwise it doesn't
work properly with $PageNameSpace set to null (the default).

Given the following page names:

   page name        $Tlink using $Title_       $Tlink using $Title

   WikiWord         WikiWord      # ok         WikiWord        # ok
   Freelink         {{Freelink}}  # ok         {{Freelink}}    # ok
   Wiki_Word        {{Wiki_Word}} # ok         {{Wiki Word}}   # wrong!
   Free_link        {{Free_link}} # ok         {{Free link}}   # wrong!

Note that the last two examples are wrong if $PageNameSpace is null, because
{{Wiki Word}} and {{Free link}} become links to a pages named "WikiWord"
and "FreeLink" (not "Wiki_Word" and "Free_link").

All of which serves to show just how much I hate underscores and how 
they mess things up.  1/2 :-)  If we didn't have the possibility of
underscores in pagenames, then $Tlink using $Title would work just fine,
and $Title_ wouldn't be needed.


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