[Pmwiki-users] target markup for anchors

Elindal elindal
Thu Sep 11 20:40:24 CDT 2003

I am trying to use pmwiki for a page that is integrated into another system, which unfortunately uses frames for it's layout; and this is something I can not change.

What I am trying to go is get some sort of customer markup working so I can define a target in the link markup for pmwiki.

What I tried to get working was something like

[[http://blah.com/ >>_top Open Blah]] = <a href="http://blah.com/ target="_top">Open Blah</a>


[[http://blah.com/ >>screen Open Blah]] = <a href="http://blah.com/ target="screen">Open Blah</a>

My knowledge of PHP and Regular Expressions is just not up to it.

Has anyone done anything like this, and if so, can you please tell me how.

Richard Canning
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