[Pmwiki-users] Minor formatting suggestion: <p /> after lists

Nathan Jones nathanj
Tue Sep 23 01:52:08 CDT 2003

[Repost - first attempt (on Friday) disappeared.]

I have a minor suggestion to consider for a future release of this
wonderful wiki software.

This input:
! Heading

Paragraph one.

* List item

Paragraph two.

Gives this output:
<p /><h1> Heading</h1>
<p />Paragraph one.
<p /><ul ><li> List item
<p /></li></ul>Paragraph two.

Put the <p /> generated by the second blank line after the </ul> instead
of before it.

In the above sample, paragraph one is treated as a paragraph (<p>) by the
browser, but paragraph two is not - it is just loose text owned by the
<body>, not by another element.

Also, the same thing occurs with some other elements - so far I've
noticed <pre> tags generated from:


...are immediately followed by the text of the next paragraph.

When this makes a difference:
If you have a style sheet that applies a style to the p element, it won't
apply to the text following a list. In my case, I have added a
margin-left style to indent all paragraphs slightly. "Paragraphs" after
tables do not get indented.

I don't know if this would cause some problem I haven't thought of and I
don't know how feasible/easy it is programming wise. I guess a kludgy
workaround would be to output a <p /> after each </ul> or </ol>,
resulting in: <p /></ul><p />

Nathan Jones

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