[Pmwiki-users] Temporary WikiWords disabling

Ilya Zverev zverik
Mon Sep 6 10:40:31 CDT 2004

Is there a way to temporary disable WikiWords on page, for example, with
[[noww]] / [[/noww]] ? As I can see in the pmwiki.php, setting
$WikiWordCountMax when those tags encountered is not enough. I've
tried this:

$DoubleBrackets['/\\[\\[noww\\]\\]/e'] = '$GLOBALS["WikiWordCountMax"]=0';
$DoubleBrackets['/\\[\\[\/noww\\]\\]/e'] = '$GLOBALS["WikiWordCountMax"]=1000000';

and this:

$DoubleBrackets['/\\[\\[noww\\]\\]/e'] =
 '$GLOBALS["WWCount"]=$GLOBALS["WikiWordCount"]; $GLOBALS["WikiWordCountMax"]=0';
$DoubleBrackets['/\\[\\[\/noww\\]\\]/e'] =
 '$GLOBALS["WWCount"]=$GLOBALS["WikiWordCount"]; $GLOBALS["WikiWordCountMax"]=1000000';

Neither works.
PmWiki 1.0.8

Ilya Zverev

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